R & D

Research & Development and Pilot Plant Facilities

The R & D department has a dynamic team of scientists and chemists. There are well equipped laboratories with all the facilities for the R & D work. These are supported by a fully equipped pilot plant for scale up of process. All these facilities are supported by equipped quality control department.
Chemical Research :-
Process development, improvements to increase efficiencies of processes there by making products competitive by focussing on
(1)   Cost effective synthesis
(2)   Non infringing processes
(3)   Green chemistry

Analytical Research :-
(1)   Method development
(2)   Method validation
(3)   Impurity profiling

Pilot Plant facilities :-
A state of the art pilot plant equipped with
(1)   Vapour phase high temperature catalytic bed reactors
(2)   Hydrogenators
(3)   Glass lined reactors.
(4)   Stainless steel reactors.
(5)   All supporting equipments for filtrations, storage and measuring tanks etc.,