Specialized Equipments

• Vapor phase catalytic bed high temperature reactors
Multiple units of fixed bed catalytic tube reactors heated with molten salts to operate at high temperatures of 400-450°C in stainless steel tube reactors.

• Fixed bed high pressure loop reactors for hydrogenation
A compact unit of stainless steel equipment suitable for operation at 45 bar, capable of being packed with catalyst with a high pressure pump suitable for all kinds of liquid phase hydrogenerations over fixed bed of catalyst.

• Hydro generations
A separate production block designed to take up hydrogeneration reactions up to 45 bar in stainless steel reactors.

• Nitric acid oxidation facility
A separate production block designed for oxidation reactions using nitric acid with a scrubbing system for recovery of nitric acid from Nox fumes generated. Rotary vaccum driers available to completely dry the oxidized product into fine powder. The entire facility of handling the raw materials, nitric acid, scrubbing and drying is in a closed loop system.

• Distillative reactions using packed columns
A twin packed column system consisting of a reaction column and a rectification column working in tandom along with all the supporting equipments required.