Manufacturing Facilities

Our Manufacturing facilities are located at Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation estate at Nanded, Maharashtra, India. The facility has multiple production blocks for API’s, drug intermediates and fine chemicals and are in line with cGMP requirements are certified as per WHO GMP.

The manufacturing facilities are equipped with
(1)    Glass lined reactors
(2)    Stainless steel reactors
(3)    Filtration equipments of various types
(4)    Drying equipments of various types
(5)    Compaction facilities
(6)    Blenders
(7)    Multimills
(8)    Solvent recovery and rectification facilities
(9)    Hydrogenation facilities suitable for high pressures upto 45 bar
(10)  Vapour phase catalytic tube reactors operable at temperatures in the range of 450°c
(11)  Distillative reaction facilities
(12) Clean room facilities as per ISO class 8

The production facilities are backed by separate dedicated quality control laboratories for raw materials and in process analysis, analysis of finished products, instrumentation and stability studies.