Environment, Health and Safety

We are committed to the safety and health of our employees. Care is also taken for ensuring environment protection, prevention of accidents, health hazards, etc.,

Our company ensures that all the manufacturing activities of production are carried out considering appropriate environmental, health and safety risk impacts and aspects. Our objective is to work in conformance with the relevant legal requirements. All levels of management and all the employees have a primary responsibility towards safety and well being of all the people within the premises of the company and the society at large.

EHS Obejectives :-
•  To identify and update systems for the safety, health and environmental hazards risks associated with     our activities and products.
•  To improve conditions in order to prevent accidents, health hazards and pollution.
•  To minimize waste generation, promote recycling and green chemistry.
•  To reduce energy consumption.
•  To reduce harmful solids, liquids and gaseous emissions.
•  To create safety awareness amoung our vendors and customers.
•  To create safety awareness to our vendors and customers.
•  To the best extent possible, to work with suppliers who themselves have sound safety, health and     environmental policies.
•  To implement and continually improve an Integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management.